Pfizer Medical Digital Innovation Advisor in Beijing, China

The key role of Medical Digital Innovation Advisor(MDIA) is supporting Medical Innovation Manager to develop and implement medical innovation strategy.

Focus on Innovation and Patient-Centricity strategies. Push the delivery and management of existing medical projects, explore new innovative solutions by introducing cutting-edge techonologies to boost the development of new business model. Deliver even greater impact on public health especially on disease prevention and health management by enhancing the public's health awareness.

  1. Keep updating and identifying new cutting-edge technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Big Data and IOT etc.) and insights, assist the Medical Innovation Manager to develop innovative strategies and solutions by applying new technologies to meet different stakeholders' unmet needs.

  2. Develop and maintain good communication and cooperation with internal (China/Global BT, MA, MSL, Mkt, Sales, League and Compliance etc.) and external partners (HCPs, KOLs, patients, vendors, world's leading technical companies, public and potential customers etc.) to increase their engagement, and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the design and deliver of medical innovation projects.

  3. Explore the landing model of medical innovation projects. Push the delivery and management of existing innovative projects, including time management, vendor management, pilot management (pilot assessment and selection) and risk identification etc.

  4. Build up operation mechanism for medical innovation projects. Design and provide necessary operation and considerations training, and set up feedback mechanism to ensure the projects carry out smoothly.

  5. Familiar with global and local company regulations, policies and SOPs, to ensure the project are carried out under compliance requirements. Keep close monitoring of the pilots, designed pilot assessment and monitor profile and SOP.

  6. Assisting the Medical Innovation Manager to develop multi-media patient education materials, transforming the traditional medical information into attractive materials to improve the public's access to high-quality and easy-to-understand medical knowledge and enhance health awareness in China, maximize Pfizer medical team value.

  7. Innovation projects branding and publicity. Set up propaganda period and theme plan in order to enhance the awareness of innovation projects. May involve more colleagues to cooperate and optimizing the project continuously.

  8. Assisting the Medical Innovation Manager to introduce new technology to help improving work efficiency and explore more sparks of the combination of technology and medical work to support business. Popularization of new technology to create an innovative environment within company.

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