Pfizer Country Medical Director Belgium in Brussels, La Plaine, Belgium

The Country Medical Director:

• Provides leadership to all in-country medical functions represented in the Country Medical Council (CMC) and is the country senior medical voice both internally and externally (acting as Pfizer CMO in the local country environment)

• Directly leads the in-country Medical Affairs (MA) Internal Medicine team, the Medical Quality Oversight (MQO) team and may lead certain medical platform functions

• Represents CMC at the Country Management Forum (CMF), collaborates with the Country Manager and BU/Group leads ensuring alignment with internal and external country strategies

• Fosters a community of practice within the [Country] Medical Affairs Groups

• As chair of CMC:

  • has oversight of the medical functions within all BUs/Groups and platform lines in relation to compliance and talent development

  • takes accountability together with the respective BU/Group medical leads for the compliance of medical affairs operations, including medical communication and promotional material with applicable guidelines;

  • in partnership with the responsible functions supports and facilitates in-country adherence of pharmacovigilance, product quality, regulatory, medical information and clinical activities and processes to relevant regulations and Pfizer SOPs

• Represents the company to external bodies for medical issues that apply across all BUs/Groups;

• Represents Pfizer medical through relationships with medical associations, societies, academic medical centers and industry associations;

• Represents Pfizer medical in high-level interactions with regulatory authorities as required;

Primary Responsibilities:

Development, Implementation and Communication of the [Country] Medical Affairs Strategies with special focus on the Internal Medicine group

  • Participates in Strategic Planning Process to provide insight, expertise and medical support to the business (top level for groups/BUs other than Internal Medicine)

  • Ensures processes and procedures within medical are continuously reviewed and updated to meet current and future business needs

  • Aligns / influences medical teams with global and regional brand functions, where appropriate

  • Establishes vision, direction and role purpose for the IM team;

  • Plans and executes the medical IM KOL strategy on highly ethical and medical professionalism grounds

  • Ensures coordination of medical KOL strategy across medical affairs groups/BUs as aligned in the CMC on highly ethical and medical professionalism grounds and brings their input into the medical strategies and plans

  • Devises country IM medical plans on scientifically sound principles that will bring benefits to the patients, working in close collaboration and in alignment with the Regional Teams and in accordance with the overall brand and portfolio strategy;

  • Allocates financial and FTE resources to each brand as per the operating plan provisions (Internal Medicine/CMO only)

  • Leads IM medical strategies according to the medical plans. Aligns medical strategies across the BU/Group portfolio of medicines, utilizing synergies, with emphasis on the data generating and the data communication activities with direct responsibility for implementation within Internal Medicine

  • Aligns in-country implementation and execution of product-specific non-routine risk minimization measures (with direct responsibility for Internal Medicine);

  • Provides medical support and guidance to country BU/Group (as needed) to enable that the commercial objectives of each medicine are realized through adherence to the highest ethical, legal, regulatory standards

  • Provides scientific input to the Market Access strategies and tactics in [Country] (top level for groups/BUs other than Internal Medicine);

  • Communicates the value of the MA function to internal stakeholders (championing cross functional working, and working with the Regional Medical Teams and Country Managers)

  • Communicates the value of the Medical Affairs function to external stakeholders, aligning with customer needs, enhancing reputation and bringing medical insights into the organisation

Build Organizational Capability and Management of People

  • Leads, motivates and enhances the performance of the [BU/Group] Medical Affairs Teams and in-country solid line reports through coaching and by direct example;

  • Supports talent management within the medical functions, ensuring that Pfizer colleagues within the country Medical Teams and partner lines management are aware of opportunities.

'One Pfizer'

  • Represents the immediate point of reference to the Country Manager for medical issues, advises the Country Manager on medical issues and assures appropriate resolution

  • Chairs the Country Medical Council (CMC) with the purpose of maintaining compliance and information flow as well as to facilitate the resolution of issues that arise within any medical teams and broader medical functions

  • Represents the [Country] medical-,platform and partner functions in the Country Management Forum (CMF), and ensures direct representation in the CMF, when appropriate

  • Partners with the responsible functions with respect to responses to Regulatory, Safety, and/or Clinical issues with potential impact on public health, or a potential impact on the organization's reputation

External medical affairs

  • Represents Pfizer in industry bodies and associations and is shaping the health care environment by being part/member of Pharma association

  • Coordinates and is responsible for the 'one medical voice of Pfizer' when interacting with important external customers including professional societies, medical schools, media, government and payers

  • In partnership with platform functions develop cross category objectives on key strategic focus areas e.g. on an aligned approach to biosimilars or new product launches

In-Country Compliance

  • Ensures consistent application of local regulations and standards on promotional material, medical and scientific relations, GPIHP, transparency of grant payments and FCPA/MAPP as applied to medical activities across the BUs/Groups in-country

  • Supports local inspections as defined by the local inspection action plan(s)

  • Supports audits/inspections and takes accountability for the medical part as per local legislation involving other medical groups/BU platforms as appropriate

  • Provides support for audits on Platform Lines as required

  • Ensures appropriate oversight and successful implementation of the Country Medical Quality Plan


  • Regular Member of the Country Management Forum (CMF)

  • Regular Member of the in-country BU/Group Leadership Team

  • Chairperson of the Country Medical Council (CMC)


  • Medical Doctor with solid education and clinical/patient experience is strongly recommended

  • A significant industry experience or significant senior management experience in any health care industry

  • Comprehensive understanding of the international health environment;

  • Deep understanding of the country health environment including its structure, policy, key members and scientific societies

  • Profound knowledge of relevant international Codes of Practice, guidelines and regulations as well as applicable Pfizer SOPs

  • Comprehensive knowledge of pharmacovigilance and regulatory legislation and the drug development process and how these aspects impact the product portfolio

  • Line management experience and general business management experience

Core Competencies

  • Champion and role model of medical professionalism

  • Holds people accountable and builds effective teams

  • Strategic and innovative thinking; demonstrates business acumen

  • Leads changes and acts decisively

  • Commits to "One Pfizer"

  • Anticipates customer and market needs

Technical/Functional Competencies

  • Fluency in business English, French and Dutch

  • Successful experience in a complex organization

  • Excellent communication Skills

  • Ability to analyze, define and convey complex concepts and strategies and to communicate these to demanding external and internal customers;

  • Manage non-traditional customers and be able to be proactively externally focused

  • Excellent strategic skills including creativity and effectiveness in identifying and addressing major strategic challenges together with the ability to balance short-term needs and long-term vision

  • Shape the healthcare environment, be part/member of Pharma or Research association and other relevant bodies

Pfizer is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable equal employment opportunity legislation in each jurisdiction in which it operates.