Pfizer Medical Staff/Medical ManagerOncology Medical Affairs, Medical Staff/ Medical Manager in HQ, Japan


メディカルスタッフは、疾患領域のMedical Plan立案・実行責任者であるTherapeutic Area Medical Leadと協業し、会社のメディカルの視点における戦略実行に重要な貢献を果たす役職です。


1. 主な職務における成果責任


Contribute to the development and implementation of a product strategy as a core member of the Product Team by conducting medical strategy and delivering medical and scientific advice both internally and externally to ensure that the short and long term business goals of assigned products are achieved and that the interests of the customer and Pfizer are safeguarded.

Ensure implementation of appropriate global and Japan medical strategies into actions by acting as an interface with regional and global asset and marketing colleagues


  1. Execute Medical plan to meet unmet medical needs related to products in the assigned area

 Create Medical Plan in the assets in collaboration with Therapeutic area Medical Lead.

 Execute some part of Medical Plan in the assets such as medical advisory board meeting, publication, promotional documents review in collaboration with Therapeutic Area Medical Leads.

 Provide information on customer's feedback on product development and life cycle strategies to related divisions/department in the company.

 Support promotional document review in collaboration with Therapeutic area Medical Lead

 Support medical/scientific education to MRs in disease areas.

  1. Medical & Scientific communication (Meet domestic/ global medical KOLs and provide/exchange scientific information)

 Establish a good and highly reliable relationship through non-promotional activities such as scientific exchanges (e.g. discussion using latest research papers and follow-up of contents of academic conference presentations) with domestic top-level medical KOLs in the assigned area.

 For creating Medical Plan, acquire extensive medical/pharmaceutical information and gather latest medical information in the assigned area.

 In response to UMR (Unsolicited Medical Request: spontaneous request for medical information), provide accurate, high-quality and unbiased information to important customers, stakeholders and medical staff.

 Medical & Scientific communication (Meet domestic KOLs and provide/exchange scientific information)



 非管理職/専門管理職

 コンプライアンス・関連諸法規の理解、これらを遵守する高い意識

 担当領域に関する高い学術知識の強い向上心、継続的な学術収集・データ分析能力

 Customer insightを特定・収集・共有するために必要とされる戦略的・論理的思考、関連部署との協調性、リーダーシップ、コミュニケーション・プレゼンテーション能力

 英語文献が理解できる英語力は必須。英語コミュニケーション全般においても、短期間の英語力向上のためのActionを開始する意思を持っていること(目安:TOEIC700点以上)。

 学士号以上(医学・看護学・薬学・生物・生化学系等)


 オンコロジー領域におけるMedical Affairs, 臨床開発(DJ), Scientific Communicationなどの業務経験が望ましい

【勤務地】 東京本社

【募集人員】 若干名

Office Worker (Japan)

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