Pfizer Country Compliance Lead (CCL) in Karachi, Pakistan

Purpose of the job

The Country Compliance Lead (CCL) will be the compliance leader at the market level supporting the development and execution of the local compliance strategy to ensure effective oversight and controls in in business operations and continue to advance the culture of compliance. CCL will develop, implement and manage the Pfizer Compliance Program by providing proactive insight and support to the business on corporate compliance processes and procedures within the local legal framework and the global/regional compliance strategy.

Prımary responsıbılıtıes

  • Develops local Compliance program and strategy and overall culture of Compliance, in consultation with Country Lead, Legal and Regional Compliance Lead.

  • Ensure effective oversight of Compliance in business operations in the broad ambit of My Anti-Corruption Policy and Procedure (MAPP), MOH regulations in the country, local pharma association rules, USA Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), local laws and applicable Corporate Policies & Procedures.

  • Collaborates with Legal, Global Risk, Controls and Compliance (GRCC), Medical and other relevant stakeholders to advise local management and drive the implementation of applicable internal policies, procedures, programs and practices related to compliance.

  • Establish and implement an effective local quality & compliance management system built along the principles of continuous improvement (e.g. process & system driven, based on data, root cause analyses and risks).

  • Provide solid in-market support, consistent guidance, and consultation in collaboration with Pfizer's Anti-Corruption Program Office (ACPO), Legal, Medical and GRCC.

  • Provides reactive and proactive constructive and solution-oriented support to the business on compliance matters.

  • Execute periodic country risk assessment, determine risk mitigation and set the strategic direction for country compliance activities.

  • Develop robust compliance monitoring plan to address results of risk assessment and country leaders concerns.

  • Provide

  • Ensure existence of an effective training and communication program through management of an annual compliance training plan, including as applicable, provide in-person training and workshop, awareness campaigns, and annual refresher trainings per market needs.

  • Execute escalation protocol for critical issues and matters within compliance function.

  • Support implementation of global and regional compliance projects.

  • Provides input/insight into the global/regional compliance strategy as needed and participates in exchange of best practices to facilitate strengthening of local and global/regional compliance culture.

  • Supports Pfizer CMF to represent Pfizer and Pfizer's ethical priorities before external stakeholders (e.g. MOH,); Works closely with industry partners to shape compliance environment within country.

  • Ensures processes and procedures related to Compliance are regularly reviewed and updated.

Leadership and Governance

  • Model and facilitate a culture of integrity and accountability;

  • Represent compliance at the Country Management Forum (CMF) to partner with and support relevant business and functional leaders driving the development and implementation of the Compliance Program in-country, based on global/regional/local compliance strategies and priorities.

  • Co-chair relevant cross-functional country Compliance Committees and/or deliver regular compliance updates to CMF; serve as primary compliance contact for Country Manager and other CMF members.

Culture of Compliance

  • Ensures support for the development of strong local leadership voice on Compliance ("Tone at the Top" e.g.).

  • Oversee a comprehensive strategy and operational approach to establish a culture of integrity, accountability and compliance across all business groups and functions in the country.

  • Work closely with country leaders to establish strong culture of compliance in the Country in line with Pfizer corporate values and local needs and priorities.

Procedures & Systems

  • Drafting and implementation of local policies as required by the regional and corporate Compliance program, in line with local regulations and industry codes.

  • MAPP Country Annexure development, update, improvement and ownership.

  • Proactively stay informed and act on upcoming changes in the company and industry policy framework and local regulations.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

  • Execute periodic country risk assessment and set the strategic direction for country compliance activities based on the risk assessment results.

  • Coordinate, lead, and/or support in-country risk mitigation activities through strategic advice, control enhancements, policy/procedure support, market-level training, communication campaigns, and monitoring.

Monitoring and trends management reporting

  • Develop and execute monitoring or proactive review plan for higher risk commercial strategies, tactics and practices to detect and address potential non-compliance.

  • Establishes a regular reporting mechanism for business with the purpose to reveal trends and procedural gaps, and acts on the issues identified and reports on progress.

  • Implement global monitoring tools to identify red flags and trends.

  • Report on request from Country management /Compliance.

  • Successful implementation of all remediation action identified by Corporate Audit, GRCC and Investigation compliance team.

Third Party

  • Collaborate with necessary stakeholders to ensure the proper policies and oversight structures are in place to identify and mitigate risks related to third parties in country, including but not limited to Business Development Transactions (e.g. plans for new joint ventures, acquisitions, co-promotion arrangements) in or including country, as required.

Training & Communication

  • Develops a consistent training and communication plan for the market, in line with regional and local priorities, with the purpose to increase awareness.

  • Provides appropriate compliance training customized to the needs of Field Force and the office based colleagues. Identifies needs and acts proactively.

  • Develops training materials on corporate and industry compliance matters (e.g. MAPP/ Pharma code/ MOH regulations).

  • Develops the Country Compliance Champions program and builds a strong internal Compliance network integrated with the global/regional goals for an effective local Compliance program; establish annual objectives for the Champions and provide regular feedback to business leaders.

Investigation Support

  • Collaborate and coordinate with Compliance Investigations to:

  • Monitor docket of local Referable Compliance Issues (RCIs);

  • Develop and implement interim corrective actions;

  • Implement agreed upon programmatic remediation;

  • Drive execution of remediation steps related to the Compliance Program; and

  • Report on Investigations to relevant country leadership.

Effective Quality & Compliance in Market

  • Assist country organization in the establishment and implementation of a effective local quality & compliance framework built along the principles of continuous improvement.

  • Support development and leveraging of local infrastructure and technology to facilitate establishing a strong local Compliance framework.


  • Establish effective relationships with local leadership, within Compliance and across multi-functional groups.

  • Partner and collaborate with local Legal Colleagues, GRCC, Medical and other relevant local functions to advise management and drive the implementation of applicable internal policies, procedures, programs and practices related to compliance; provide in-market support and liaise to ensure consistent guidance and consultation.

Corporate Audit

  • Provide in-market support to coordinate audit, clarify local law requirements to auditors, and support development, execution of remedial actions.

External Engagements

  • Developing and maintaining of effective networking with industry compliance functions; participation as active member of pharma association.

  • Supports Pfizer CMF to represent Pfizer and Pfizer's ethical priorities before external stakeholders (e.g. MOH, pharma association).


  • University degree in Law, Finance, or Business with strong academic background; Master's Degree preferred.

  • Around 8 to 10 years professional experience in Legal, Finance, Business Operations and / or Compliance and control related functions.

  • Comprehensive understanding of the local regulatory environment (as it is related to Compliance), relevant international and local Codes of Practice, guidelines, regulations as well as applicable Pfizer SOPs , Policies and Procedures(only for internal candidates).

  • Understanding of US FCPA and pharmaceutical/healthcare industry experience is preferred;

  • Local experience with US companies and International experience is a plus.

Core Competencies

  • Strong values and commitment to ethics;

  • Strategic and innovative thinking;

  • Ability to assess, understand and communicate risk profile and key risk areas for country;

  • Ability to partner with key in-market business leaders as a trusted strategic advisor;

  • Ability to work cross-functionally;

  • Ability to understand foreign cultures and sensibilities and to communicate effectively in a global environment;

  • Strong communication skills to drive and message compliance culture as country leader;

  • Ability to prioritize time and resources; and

  • Understand principles of escalation and independence.


  • Experience and proven capabilities in compliance and/or audit matters;

  • Self-directed, sole contributor; ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team to resolve complex matters;

  • Demonstrated leadership and collaboration skills;

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills; ability to summarize and articulate complex concepts clearly and efficiently;

  • Strong analytical, organizational, problem solving and strategic thinking skills; with ability to see the big picture as well as the detailed and specific relationships between business topics;

  • Ability to manage multiple projects, deadlines, and priorities in a fast-paced, evolving work environment;

  • High level of organization and efficiency with demonstrated attention to detail;

  • Ability and willingness to seek out and receive constructive feedback as well as opportunities for improvement;

  • Language Skills: excellent spoken and written English is required; and

  • Travel requirement: approx. 15%.

Pfizer is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable equal employment opportunity legislation in each jurisdiction in which it operates.