Pfizer TSR in Remote, Thailand

Duties and Responsibilities


  • To be on the front-line of the "value" chain: beyond product information to doctor target group

  • To be the point person: will have to explain, inform, and engage physicians with product information align with drug position and marketing strategy and send key message

  • Professional in products and disease knowledge

  • To maximize sales of product portfolio within the area

  • To attend training and education programs and participating in marketing activities

  • To act in accordance with the Pfizer Values, Leader Behaviors, GPIHP/FCPA and PReMA code

  • To represent more than Sales (i.e., products); they will have to represent the entire organization - not only offer Pfizer products and services to the doctor and the pharmacist, but also engage the medical community on external challenges to help Pfizer best serve the patient.

  • Analyze sales (DDD, market share) and find opportunity (expand new prescribers and hospitals)

  • Enlisting (expand hospitals)

  • Engagement committee eg. PTC, bidding, purchasing, DIS (drug information service), partnership with KOL

  • Create group presentation, speaker program, product discussion

  • Discuss and find market environment e.g. Regulation of prescription (®, underline)

  • Mentor of new TSR and pharmacist trainee

  • Synergist team work and maximize resource (A&P)

  • Professional personal appearance e.g. wearing uniform, visit doctors in the right time, manner

  • Territory planning (A&P) and time management

  • Expert selling skills (CFSA (customer focused selling approach))

  • Defend generic drugs, bidding regulation (GPO privilege)

  • Know how to search information

  • Presentation skill

  • Discipline and consistency in daily work (work hardest)

  • Prioritize each work

Pfizer is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable equal employment opportunity legislation in each jurisdiction in which it operates.