Pfizer Sales Operation Specialist in Shanghai, China

1、Walkthrough Test

1)Design the annual calendar to conduct walkthrough test of the SOPs based on risks level acquired from the annual risk assessment result to promote the up-to-date and actual implementation of the SOPs;

2)Prepare the walkthrough test report & advise the management of any major discrepancies in following the SOPs by the organization and provide the recommendation in remediation;

2、Compliance operation support and coordination

1)Serve as the focal point to liaise with the Pfizer China compliance operation team to ensure PCH is offered with the right level and scope of services;

2)Support corporate audit exercise including but not limited to coordinate the Pfizer China compliance operation team, PCH Finance and relevant PCH departments before and during the corporate audit exercise; lead PCH in the completion of the remediation work post audit;

3、System projects management, daily operation and optimization:

1)According to business requirements and objectives, develop the project scope(data source/ functional module/user proposal), and invite bids and estimate vendor quotation scheme 2)Follow the project schedule and inform the manager timely about any expected and/or effective schedule deviation, prepare outgoing project correspondence, and address incoming project correspondence

3)Verify the deliverable conform to project guidelines and quality requirements.

4)Continuously optimize according to varied policy/process or issues discovered by business daily operation

4、Rebate calculation and control

1)Set up standard process for commercial hospital bidding compensation rebate, GO rebate, Potential end customer rebate, E-marketing channel rebate and etc.

2)Calculate and ensure the accuracy/compliance of process and results

3)Enhance the communication with business team and provide valuable reports

5、Develop internal communication and digital training

1)Cooperate with trans-departments to collect source material, to edit and publish articles on PCH Public mail/WeChat account, and collect feedback and concerns

2)Conduct theme activities, propagate UASK, raise the utilization rate of UASK

3)Organize internal e-learning trainings (data management, rebate management, POSM purchase and management requirements etc.

6、Other support

1)Support operation control manager to build PMOC internal working process and standard & quality control scheme;

2)Support operation control manager to check the performance level of PMOC whether is accordance with the internal standards;

3)Support other business process improvement and compliance operation related project

N: Not Applicable - 不适用 (China)

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