Pfizer Stakeholder Manager in Tamsui, Taiwan


This position is responsible for helping Pfizer and healthcare providers better understand and address the needs of Rare Disease patients, by: i) establishing networks with Rare Disease stakeholders; ii) identifying the gaps between the patients' needs and existing treatment offerings; and iii) bridging these gaps through value proposition with competitive advantages based on clear understanding of the corporate objectives and the Rare Disease business environment.


This position reports directly to Taiwan PIH Country Lead and closely works with the commercial team as well as other related functions (e.g. medical, legal, corporate affairs & policy, etc.). This position is supervised by Taiwan PIH Country Lead for his/her further development.


Stakeholder Management

  • Rare Disease Stakeholders: HCPs, Patients and Patient Organizations (PO)

  • Builds positive relationships with Rare Disease key stakeholders by understanding and managing their needs and expectations

  • Seeks opportunities to provide values that will enable successful implementation of stakeholder strategies and tactics

Stakeholder Planning & Implementation

  • Provide input on strategic/operating plans and POAs for Rare Disease stakeholder planning

  • Ensures effective implementation of designated stakeholder support initiatives to achieve desired patient outcomes

Market Intelligence

  • Gather market information from stakeholders and share/develop market intelligence from a range of sources to ensure that knowledge is up to date and appropriate for decision making

Work with Field Force and Other Cross-functions

  • Works effectively with field force to implement and monitor strategies as planned

  • Understands the interdependencies of cross-functional teams and work effectively with key stakeholders to develop, implement and monitor grand strategies as planned


  • Build and maintain relationships with Rare Disease key stakeholders

  • Develop and implement Rare Disease Key stakeholder engagement strategies

  • Identify stakeholder issues/underlying needs and act appropriately to address issues

  • Contribute to the overall development and maintenance of Pfizer Rare Disease reputation


  • Key stakeholder strategy initiation and execution

  • Develop key stakeholder strategy by identifying stakeholder issues and needs based on trusted relationship

  • Implement Rare Disease stakeholder engagement guidelines

  • Ensure patient access by implementing relevant strategies and programs

  • Initiate and execute Rare Disease stakeholder forums, meeting and patient advocacy events

  • Help commercial team understand patient needs, solicit their feedback, and build the same into stakeholder strategy

  • Deliver strategy and positioning of Rare Disease

  • Collaborate with Country Brand Lead to effectively consult and engage stakeholders based on brand strategies

  • Work as a team under Taiwan PIH Country Lead leadership and other cross-functional team (e.g. stakeholder relationship manager, medical, legal, Health and value, corporate affairs & policy, etc.) to develop and execute programs that support achievement of patient-first goals

  • Manage branding and messaging refinement for Key stakeholders campaign

  • Provide content and updates for various Rare Disease management reporting and environmental scanning processes.

  • Optimize allotted budget and seek effectiveness of resources allocation

  • Generate valuable input to annual brand planning based on stakeholder feedback

  • Manage CRCs Key performance index regularly and report to Taiwan PIH Country Lead


  • Minimum 5+ years commercial experiences in specialty care therapeutic area including experiences working with Key stakeholders

  • Strong Key stakeholder management skill that will enable successful implementation of product strategies and tactics

  • Excellent leadership, teamwork, communication and relationship-building skills;

  • Strong project management and communications skills;

  • Bachelor's degree (required). Good interpersonal & communication skills


  • Stakeholder focus: Customer Service focused on medical society and patient advocacy group

  • Strategic Thinking: proven ability to develop innovative new strategies

  • Performance (Part I): Drive for Results

  • Performance (Part II): Functional knowledge/skills of marketing and sales

  • Leadership: Organizational Awareness and influence

  • Teamwork: Collaboration with team members and all departments

  • Innovation: Creativity in product promotion

  • Integrity: High ethical standards

Pfizer is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable equal employment opportunity legislation in each jurisdiction in which it operates.